Bach Stradivarius 12G Bb Trombone

Professional trombone. Excellent for jazz and commercial music.

Bore: Medium 0.500"
Bell: 7.5" Gold Brass

Bach Stradivarius 12G Bb Trombone

Model: J50300

Bach Stradivarius 12G Bb Trombone

If you're looking for a real 'Sweet Trombone' this could be the horn for you. This is a great sounding all-round jazz trombone. With its 500" bore it is a bit more aggressive and hot than the 16M, but still has a pretty full tone, which can be a challenge on these smaller trombones.

The 12 model is available with both Gold-brass bell and "normal" Yellow brass. We prefer the gold brass version because we like the tone a bit better. For a small trombone like this one, it makes good sense to add a bit of warmth to the tone, and Gold brass does the trick by adding richness and color.

The 12 is very flexible and responsive. It has a nice bite if that's what you're looking for, but a classical trombonist might want to consider something larger. If you play jazz/commercial, and you need a trombone to cover all your bases, we're pretty sure you'll be happy with the model 12.

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