We adapt the repair according to your wishes and your instrument's needs. To give you an accurate estimate of the repair or service needed, our technicians need to inspect your instrument. This is free but requires that we have the instrument at hand. You are always welcome to visit our shop, send us an e-mail (with pictures and a description of the problem), or send us the instrument. Contact us if you need help with the shipping.



Playing condition

  • Ultrasonic cleaning and descaling
  • Change of water key cork 
  • Valves are oiled and slides are lubricated

We can also fix this:

  • Dents 
  • Loosening of mouthpiece and slides
  • Valve alignment
  • Change of valve rubber, felt, and springs
  • Solderings 
  • Polishing



Repairs are invoiced per initiated half hour. We are happy to give you an estimate of the cost, but cannot always foresee the full extent of the repair before we start working on the instrument. 

Ultrasonic cleaning -what is it?

Have you bought an instrument that you really love? With ultrasonic cleaning, your instrument is cleaned thoroughly and gently in a bath of water through ultrasonic soundwaves. This method spares the insides of your instrument the wear and tear usually inflicted by traditional brush cleaning.

Grease for slides and cork. A popular cork grease from La Tromba.  

Content 15 gr


Guarantee workshop for:  

Several manufacturers have chosen i.K.Gottfried as their Danish guarantee workshop, which gives us the opportunity to assess damages and make repairs covered by the instrument warranty. As a guarantee workshop we can easily help you, if you have discovered a flaw in your instrument. 


Get an estimate

Getting an estimate of the repair is free, but it is impossible for us to estimate a job without inspecting the instrument physically. That is why repairs estimated over the phone or e-mail is not binding until we confirm it upon receiving the instrument. You can reach us in the following ways: 


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