Washable cloth for cleaning and drying the pads of your instrument. 


Gottfried's own disinfecting mouthpiece cleaner for woodwind and brass instruments.

30 ml.

Contains: Chlorhexidine gluconate, isopropyl, alcohol, nonion tensid, demin, water, peppermint.


Grease for slides and cork. A popular cork grease from La Tromba.  

Content 15 gr


This is a very good polishing cloth for silver plated instruments. You can use it for your silver wear as well if in need of cause ;) 


Key oil for woodwind instruments reduces the wear and noise of the keys. As a rough rule light or medium works well for flute and oboe and medium or heavy for clarinet and saxophone. It also depends on the age and condition of the instrument. 


Cleaning paper for woodwinds. Cleans and maintains the pads of woodwind instrument. 


Vandoren microfiber cleaning cloth