Egg shaker in various colors.

The most important hand percussion instrument.


The jaw harp is available in three sizes:
#10 (ca. 6 cm) = tone E
#12 (ca. 7 cm) = tone Eb
#14 (ca. 8 cm) = tone C#


Tinwhistle with plastic head. Provides more volume and a clear, crisp tone. 


Swaneewhistle or slide whistle, as it has been made by Acme in USA for more than 100 years. 


A mix between a vuvuzela and a trombone, developed for children from 4 years.
Made from durable red plastic.
Includes carrying bag.


Level: Suitable for kids from age 4. 
Material: Plastic. 
Keywork: Rubber, recorder fingerings.

Nuvo DooD children's clarinet.

By: Nuvo

Simplified flute for children 
Suited for kids from age 4 

By: Nuvo

Level: Beginner/student
Material: Maple wood
Scale: Pentaton


Level: Beginner, intermediate, experienced. 
Material: Wood.
Key: C.

Jupiter Saxonette Chalumeau.


Pocket saxophone with recorder fingering and a soprano sax mouthpiece. Made from ABS plastic. Tuned in C and playing two octaves.
Includes saxophone mouthpiece, reed, and carrying bag.


Nuvo jHorn is a lightweight beginner horn in plastic. The horn is intended as a children's instrument, as it is very light, it is simplified, and quite cheap to start out with.

Material: Plastic
Color: Green / white
Key: Bb / C

By: Nuvo

NUVO jFlute 2.0. A flute for children and beginners. 
Headjoint: All new Donut head joint
Body: ABS resin 
Keywork: Closed hole keys, off-set G

By: Nuvo

pBone Bb trombone made of coloured plastic. 

Level: Beginner 
Material: Plastic
Includes: mouthpiece and soft bag 


Jupiter Wave JFL700WD flute for children from 5 years of age

  • Curved head joint
  • Closed holes for easy fingering
  • Silver plated head joint
  • Simplified mechanism without trill keys
  • To low D