At i.K.Gottfried you will find a large selection of recorders for professionals and beginners from the brands Moeck, Yamaha, and Aulos.

If you are a beginner on the recorder, we recommend that you start with the soprano, which is the most common of the recorders, and the one most often used in educational contexts.

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Plastic recorders are cheaper than wooden recorders and less sensitive to changes in humidity or climate. Therefore, these are a really good place to start for kids or beginners.

Wooden recorders have round and more colorful sound. Wood is a living material that expands and contracts. Therefore, the wooden fæites must be played in before you can use them properly. We have both beginner flutes and professional flutes in different types of wood. The types of wood vary in color and hardness and the latter affects the sound and feel of playing the instrument.

Our entire selection can be tried in our store in Copenhagen or by ordering the recorders you wish to try in the webshop and returning the ones you do not want to keep, according to our return policy. We also have a specialist workshop that takes care of repairs, adjustments, and maintenance of recorders.

Select one of the categories below to see the recorders: