The cornet looks like a trumpet, but has a more compact construction, that makes it look smaller. Due to its more conical build, the cornet has a slightly more round tone than the trumpet. It can be tuned in B-flat or E-flat, where B-flat is the most common. The cornet is often used in brass bands, but is also found in military band, wind band, jazz, and orchestral music, such as The Swan Lake. The cornet also comes in the key of C, but it's very rare.

Getzen 300 series cornet #K79270 pre-owned. The Getzen 300 Series cornet is a great choice for the beginner. The cornet is a high-quality student instrument made in the USA.

Level: beginner
Material: lacquered brass


Perfect cornet for those who want a beginner instrument of a reasonable quality where the price is important. 

Arnold & Sons ACR-655S Bb cornet


Besson Eb cornet (pre-owned)

Year: Approx. 1980
Finish: Silver-plated

25% Off

A great model for the beginner or intermediate student. Top-quality from Yamaha. 

Yamaha YCR-2330III Bb cornet.

You save: 1.822,00
25% Off

Student Yamaha cornet, long model. Perfect for concert band.

Bore: ML 11.65 mm (0.459") 
Bell: 119 mm (4-2/4") 

Yamaha YCR-2310III Bb cornet

You save: 1.822,00
24% Off

Excellent Intermediate cornet from Japanese Yamaha. Gold brass bell and Monel valves 

Yamaha YCR-4330GII Bb cornet

You save: 2.175,00
25% Off

Fremragende kornet i mellemklassen fra japanske Yamaha. Udstyret med gold brass klangstykke og ventiler af Monel 

Yamaha YCR-4330GSII Bb cornet


You save: 2.476,00
25% Off

Light-weight soprano cornet from Yamaha in the Student series. 

Yamaha YCR-2610SIII Eb cornet


You save: 2.528,00

Vintage long Bb cornet from legendary Conn. Model Connstellation 28A.

By: Conn

Silver plated intermediate cornet from Spanish Stomvi 

Bore: Medium/large 
Bell: #25 

Stomvi 5004 Forte Bb cornet

25% Off

Great cornet for wind band and symphonic music in the Professional series from Yamaha. 

Yamaha YCR-6330II Bb cornet

You save: 4.283,00
22% Off

Professional Eb cornet from Yamaha in the NEO-series. For discriminate amateurs and professionals. Perfect for brass band.

Yamaha YCR-8620S NEO Eb-cornet

You save: 6.295,00

Professional long Stradivarius cornet from Vincent Bach

Bore: Medium Large / Large 
Bell: Yellow Brass / Gold Brass 

Bach 181 Stradivarius Bb cornet

Price from
20% Off

Professional Yamaha NEO series Bb cornet. For discriminate amateurs and professionals. Perfect for brass band.

Yamaha YCR-8335GS NEO Bb cornet


You save: 6.152,40

Professional cornet from Vincent Bach model Stradivarius 

Bore: Medium Large / Large 
Bell: Yellow brass / Gold brass 

Bach 184ML Stradivarius Bb cornet

Price from

Professional soprano Eb cornet from Spanish Stomvi. Perfect for brass band. 

Stomvi 5841 Titan Eb cornet



Professional series Bb cornet with copper bell. Developed specifically for brass band 

Stomvi 5856 Titan Bb cornet



Besson Sovereign BE928GT is the latest member of the Besson cornet family. BE928GT has a trigger on the tuning slide. 

Besson BE928GT Sovereign Bb cornet


Professional Bb cornet with trigger on the main tuning slide. Well suited for brass band. 

Besson BE2028 Prestige Bb cornet


Professional Eb soprano cornet from Schilke. One of the preferred soprano cornets on the market. 

Schilke 1030 Eb Soprano Cornet


Professional Stomvi Titan Eb cornet with 4 valves. Changeable to D.

Stomvi 5893 Titan BellFlex Eb D cornet

Aprox. 14 weeks deliverytime.



The cornet comes in 2 different versions. The American type called Long cornet is mostly seen in the American musical traditions ie. traditional jazz- and military band music. Louis Armstrong played the cornet before moving to trumpet.

Then there is the short version cornet from the British brass band tradition. It's equipped with "Shepherds Crook" which refers to the shape of the bell section that is curved in the first part where the tube enters the valve casing.

We stock a variety of major brands ie. Besson, Yamaha, Stomvi. Getzen and Vincent Bach.