Color: black
Hardness: hard

Pirastro Schwarz is hard rosin intended for steel strings.


Color: orange
Hardness: medium-hard

Pirastro Gold Rosin is suitable for Gold gut strings.


Color: forest honey
Hardness: medium-soft

Obligato Violino Rosin is good with synthetic strings with low to medium tension. The rosin gives a dark and round sound.


Color: metallic orange
Hardness: medium-hard

Tonica is medium-hard rosin with a medium grip. This Rosin is developed for Pirastros Tonica strings.


Color: yellow-orange

Eudoxa gives a round and full sound. The rosin is specially developed for Eudoxa and Chorda strings.


Color: dark olive
Hardness: relatively soft

Pirastro's Oliv Evah Rosin is particularly suitable for gut strings and Evah Pirazzi strings. The rosin gives a great sound, a good grip with limited noise, and only a little dust.