Color: orange
Hardness: hard

Cheap and good rosin for the beginner. Piranito comes in a practical plastic box and is attached to a piece of fabric to protect your fingers.


Color: black
Hardness: hard

Pirastro Schwarz is hard rosin intended for steel strings.


Color: golden
Hardness: medium-hard

Pirastro Goldflex Rosin is slightly harder rosin, which is mixed with nothing less than gold* dust. Suitable for general use.



Color: dark olive
Hardness: relatively soft

Pirastro's Oliv Evah Rosin is particularly suitable for gut strings and Evah Pirazzi strings. The rosin gives a great sound, a good grip with limited noise, and only a little dust.


Color: light amber
Hardness: soft

Evah Pirazzi Gold is soft rosin that gives a rich sound in the whole sound spectrum, powerful projection, and really good contact between bow and string.

It is recommended to use very little of this rosin for the best result. The rosin hardly dusts.