The tin whistle -or penny whistle is a simple flute with 6 holes. It is well known from irish folk music where it is commonly used.

The tin whistle is tuned diatonically, which means that the flute is tuned in one specific tonality. If you whish to play in different tonalities it will be smart to have more flutes. We sell D-flutes suitable for playing in D-major and G-major and C-flutes which are suitable for playing tunes in C-major or F-major. It is most common to start out with the D whistle.

Our cheapest tinwhistle, only available in D. 

Cute, bright tone - though with a less full tone than our other Irish whistles.  


Tinwhistle with plastic head. Provides more volume and a clear, crisp tone. 


Historically correct tinwhistle (same design as in 1843) with a wooden plug.