Yamaha YSL-446GEII Bb/F Trombone

Medium large bore Intermediate trombone with F-attachment from Japanese Yamaha, model YSL446GEII
 Medium Large (.525")
Bell: 8½" Gold Brass
Slide: Nickel silver - light weight
Includes: ABS-moulded hard case and 48L mouthpiece

You save: 4.154,00
Model: BYSL446GEII

Yamaha YSL-446GEII Bb/F Trombone

The Intermediate 400-series medium large bore trombone with F-attachment from Yamaha. The trombone comes in 4 different types i.e. medium large or large bore, with or without F-attachment. The series is perfect for the upcoming student and the experienced amateur. This is value for money at its best.

Models in the 400-series:
YSL-445GEII - Medium large
YSL-446GEII - Medium large bore with F-attachment
YSL-447GEII - Large bore
YSL-448GEII - Large bore with F-attachment

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