HUGO by Jeanette Arp

A book about the popular double bassist Hugo Rasmussen, who has been providing bass lines for Danish music for more than 50 years. Written by Jeanette Arp.

Language: Danish. 
Pages: 232. 


Hugo Rasmussen. A jazz musician who will be remembered!

Hugo was a very popular musician who attracted a large domestic audience, including people who initially did not know as much about jazz. His bass playing was legendary and even Hugo became a legend.

"HUGO" is partly a portrait of a well known and popular musician. At the same time, it is a story about the history of Danish jazz told by Danish jazz musicians.

The book is based on many honest conversations with Hugo and interviews with the people who have been close to him, not least 15 of his musical friends such as. Niels Jørgen Steen, Alex Riel, Jesper Thilo, Jakob Dinesen, Trille, Niels Hausgaard, Carsten Dahl, and others, as well as his family and ex-girlfriends. The book tells the history of jazz for more than 50 years and it illuminates the costs and joys of devoting one's life to music and art. We come close to the person Hugo Rasmussen, a great musician, a warm and generous man, who enchanted his surroundings with his presence and empathy musically and humanly, and tells of the working boy who defied all odds and became one of Denmark's most popular musicians.

The book is a 232-page hardback with many photos printed at Narayana Press, as well as dirt covers.

This new edition also contains a copy of Paul Banks and Jakob Dinesen and, not least, Hugo's last signature.

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