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This eartraining material aims to establish and strenghten the linkage between ear and instrument.

Composed, performed and recorded by Simon Thorsen.



1-17: Intervals
18-35: Triads
36-40: Melodies 1
41-61: Chords
62-65: Melodies 2
66-74: Melodies 3

"Knowing Simon Thorsen's background as an educator and saxophonist I had great expectations for his new eartraining program and I was not disappointed. This is an excellent program and that would benifit any musician, myself included. The exercises progress in a way that would be of great help to anyone interested in furthering their overall musicianship, and in particular to those pursuing the study of improvisation. Congratulations Simon!" 
-Phil Dwyer

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Simon Thorsen... Du er crazy manner. Stod op kl. 4 i morges fordi min nyfødte datter ikke kunne sove. Lagde hende i sofaen med hovedtelefoner på, og lod hende høre din CD mens jeg drak kaffe og læste den nye Saunders bog om Lincoln. Baby var mussestille gennem de første 40-50 tracks. Så begyndte hun at synge med. Det er for vildt.

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