Marcel Mule 48 Études Ferling

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Marcel Mule 48 Études Ferling

Model: Z19000

Marcel Mule 48 Études Ferling

48 Études by Marcel Mule (1901-2001) is a set of 48 exercises for all saxophones by Franz Ferling and expanded with twelve new studies by Mule. Made for intermediate/advanced players, this is rich material to develop style and virtuosity. Ferling's book 48 Studies was lacking exercises on some tonalities. Marcel Mule, therefore, added those missing pieces dealing with the following enharmonic tones: C flat major, A flat minor, G flat major, Csharp major, A sharp minor, and D sharp minor. He took great care of keeping the original style of Ferling's studies to obtain a harmonious set throughout this book. Marcel Mule (1901-2001) is one of the greatest French saxophonists, renowned worldwide for his work on the classical saxophone repertoire. He was teaching his students how to obtain a good quality of sound and believed it was dependent on embouchure, the emission, the mastery of vibrato, and thus of breathing. He wrote different methods that focus on technique, articulation and tone productions such as Dix-huit Exercices ou Études, Exercices Journaliers d'après Terschack or Grands Exercices ou Étudesd'après Soussmann.

  • 30 pages
  • Paperback
  • Edition Leduc
  • Played on all saxophones
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