Xaphoon Pocket Saxophone

Level: Fun - perfect for traveling.
Material: Plastic. 
Key: C

Xaphoon Pocket Saxophone

Model: D90000

Xaphoon Pocket Saxophone

The original Xaphoon. Made in Hawaii by a guy who looks like David Hasselhoff. 

Though known as a pocket saxophone, the Xaphoon doesn't have that much in common with the saxophones. The fingering is more similar to the recorder (it spans two octaves) and the mouthpiece (which can't be removed) is markedly different as well. However the Xaphoon does use tenor saxophone reeds, so there are a few similarities. 

Originally the Xaphoon was made of bamboo, but to ensure better stability and durability it's now made of black plastic. The Xaphoon is a good choice if you want to learn how to play a woodwind instrument without spending a fortune. Or for the practiced musician who doesn't want to lug their sax around on holiday. 

You'll be surprised by the lovely, deep timbre of the Xaphoon. It has no keywork to maintain and is simple to learn how to play, even if you haven't played saxophone or clarinet before. 

Tenor saxophone reed and fingering chart included. 

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