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The original Xaphoon. Made in Hawaii by a guy who looks like David Hasselhoff. 

Level: Fun
Material: Plastic 
Key: C

Includes reed and fingering chart 

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Pocket saxophone with recorder fingering and a soprano sax mouthpiece. Made from ABS plastic. Tuned in C and playing two octaves.
Includes saxophone mouthpiece, reed and carrying bag.

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Selmer Bb bass saxophone, model Super Action 80 Serie II 
Level: Professional 
Material: Gold lacquered brass 
Range: Low Bb to high F#

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The GMezzo Soprano saxophone is built entirely by Peter Jessen here in Copenhagen. We are currently taking orders for delivery mid 2018. Please contact us to be put on the waiting list.

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Tubax Eb contrabass saxophone
Range Bb 3-F#6, sounding Db1-A 3

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Written range Bb 3-F#6, sounding Ab1-E 4
One octave below the tenor saxophone
Additional altissimo register valve to written D 7, sounding C5

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