Level: Fun - perfect for traveling.
Material: Plastic. 
Key: C

Xaphoon Pocket Saxophone


Pocket saxophone with recorder fingering and a soprano sax mouthpiece. Made from ABS plastic. Tuned in C and playing two octaves.
Includes saxophone mouthpiece, reed, and carrying bag.


With Yamaha's digital saxophone YDS-150, you can play around the clock, whether you live in a villa, apartment, or shared accommodation.


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Selmer Bb bass saxophone, model Super Action 80 Serie II 
Level: Professional 
Material: Gold lacquered brass 
Range: Low Bb to high F#

You save: 17.960,00

Tubax Eb contrabass saxophone
Range Bb 3-F#6, sounding Db1-A 3

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Written range Bb 3-F#6, sounding Ab1-E 4
One octave below the tenor saxophone
Additional altissimo register valve to written D 7, sounding C5

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