Level: Fun - perfect for traveling.
Material: Plastic. 
Key: C

Xaphoon Pocket Saxophone


Pocket saxophone with recorder fingering and a soprano sax mouthpiece. Made from ABS plastic. Tuned in C and playing two octaves.
Includes saxophone mouthpiece, reed, and carrying bag.


Digital saxophone from Yamaha. Practice in silence with headphones or play with audio tracks.

Yamaha YDS-120 Digital Saxophone


The smallest and lightest electronic saxophone in the world - perfect for practising!

Travel Sax 2


The smallest and lightest electronic saxophone in the world - perfect for practicing!

Travel Sax 2 Forest Green


With Yamaha's digital saxophone YDS-150, you can play around the clock, whether you live in a villa, apartment, or shared accommodation.



Selmer Bb bass saxophone, model Super Action 80 Serie II 
Level: Professional 
Material: Gold lacquered brass 
Range: Low Bb to high F#


The Tubax is a hand-made instrument built upon request by the legendary Benedikt Eppelsheim.

Eppelsheim Tubax Contrabas Saxophone

Call for price
3311 1047

Hand-made bass saxophone from the legendary Benedikt Eppelsheim. Upon request only!

Eppelsheim Bass Saxophone

Call for price
3311 1047


All new instruments have been inspected and played through in our workshop to correct any problems, usually small leaks in pads and maybe some minor adjustments on the mechanics. A unique service that ensures you an optimal start with an instrument that works properly.

We offer you one free service check within 6 months from the date of purchase when you buy your saxophone from us.

*does not apply to YDS-150 and instruments with plastic mechanism