Moeck Stanesby 5323 alto recorder

Three-piece Moeck alto recorder, model Stanesby 5323
Level: Professional
Material: Boxwood
Fingering: Baroque

Model: A203800

Moeck alto recorder, Stanesby model 5323 made from boxwood. 
In collaboration with Ralf Ehlert, Moeck has produced several well known recorder models such as the Hotteterre and Ehlert. The Stanesby model is modelled on an original Thomas Stanesby Sr. (1668-1734, London) recorder, that belongs to the Frans Bröggen Collection in Amsterdam, Holland. The timbre of this instrument is very characteristic and is distinguished by a fervor and evenness over the entire register. 

The recorder is made from Indian boxwood and is delivered with hard case and Moeck maintenance kit.

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You save: 210,00
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