Vandoren ZZ Soprano sax

The unfiled Vandoren ZZ Soprano reed for jazz. Unfiled.

Manufactured in France without pesticides or chemicals. 


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Vandoren ZZ reed for soprano sax

The unfiled jazz reed ZZ was launched in 2002 and has gained popularity for its quick response that does not compromise the sound. 

The Vandoren ZZ (or Vandoren Jazz, as it is also called) is made specifically with the jazz saxophonist in mind. The unfiled reed has a rounded tip like V16 and a long palet like Java, which brings more of the reed into motion when played. This provides the reed with a quick response and a full tone. 

Single reeds in flowpack
The reed is packed at the Vandoren Factory in southern France in a flowpack, to protect the reed from drying out and keep it factory fresh.

If you order 10 reeds, we will send you a box of 10 reeds instead of 10 single reeds.

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