Accessory Pack for Travel Sax 2

Ergonomic accessories for the smallest electronic saxophone in the world.

Accessory Pack for Travel Sax 2

Model: Y903400

Accessory Pack for Travel Sax 2

The mouthpiece neck, the neck extensor, and a special mouthpiece have been designed to increase the ergonomics and customize your Travel Sax 2. They can be attached to one another, up to 3 accessories together, to improve your practice posture.

Mouthpiece neck:
It will give a different angle to your mouthpiece when playing, letting your shoulders rest in a more comfortable position that will let you play for more hours. 

Odisei Music mouthpiece:
This special mouthpiece will give you much more control of the airflow when using the Travel Sax thanks to the two small holes in the mouthpiece where the air goes through. This will allow you to control the flow more easily using your tongue.  

Extensor neck:
This accessory will provide more distance between the mouthpiece and your hands, making the playability more comfortable.

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