Yamaha PM7X 02 Silent Brass Trumpet

Yamaha PM7X 02 Silent Brass Trumpet. Electronic practice mute.

Mute only - without Personal Studio.

Model: P40130

Yamaha PM7X 02 Silent Brass Trumpet

  • New compact design
  • The overall balance has been improved and allows players to adopt their natural playing posture.
  • Outstanding sound reduction whilst retaining stable pitch over a wide range, also ensuring optimum airflow.

(See the mute with personal studio and headphones here)

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Vildt god øvedæmper. Lidt dumt at man skal have Personal Studio for at kunne bruge den elektronisk. Det ville være smart hvis man bare kunne sætte hørebøfferne direkte i dæmperen uden alt muligt. Men hvis man har alle delene er dette noget nær den perfekte trompetdæmper.

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