Cork for straight and cup mutes for trumpet and cornet.

Denis Wick C04 mute cork trumpet


Cork for Denis Wick or Jo-Ral cornet and trumpet practice mutes.

Denis Wick C26 mute cork trumpet


Classic no-nonsense plunger for trumpets and cornets, and overflowing toilets.

Suitable for jazz.


Nano mute that can be used for wah-wah mutes, as a key hanger. Or to put on once mouthpiece. 

Best Brass Warm Up Nano mute trumpet


Humes & Berg straight mute for trumpet. Model H&B 101. 

Humes & Berg 101 Straight Mute trumpet


Denis Wick practice mute for piccolo trumpet, model 5532. 

Denis Wick DW5532 Practice Mute piccolo trumpet


Aluminium Denis Wick straight mute for piccolo trumpet. Model DW5521. 

Denis Wick DW5521 Straight Mute piccolo trumpet


Denis straight mute for trumpet. Aluminum. Model DW5504. 

Denis Wick DW5504 Straight Mute trumpet


Denis Wick practice mute for D trumpet or Eb cornet. Model DW5534 

Denis Wick DW5534 Practice Mute D-trumpet and soprano cornet


Model DW5506. Denis Wick extending tube mute (Harmon) for trumpet. Aluminium. 

Denis Wick DW5506 Extension-Tube Mute (Harmon) trumpet


Jo-Ral aluminum plunger for trumpet. 

Jo-Ral TPT-6 Plunger trumpet


Model 108A. Humes & Berg bucket mute for trumpet. 

Humes & Berg 108A Bucket Mute trumpet 5"


Plays over the entire register at all dynamics with a true centered ringing tone. 

Wallace P1 Straight Mute


Muirhead Wallace straight mute in aluminum for trumpet. The mute is easily blown and sounds evenly in all registers. 

Wallace 301 Straight Mute Trumpet


Cup mute for Bb trumpet or cornet. Made from black fiberglass.

McLean cup mute Bb cornet


Model TPT-5P. Jo-Ral practice mute in aluminum for piccolo trumpet. Fits piccolo trumpet. 

Jo-Ral TPT-5P Practice Mute piccolo trumpet


Model TPT-1A. Jo-Ral straight mute for trumpet 

Jo-Ral TPT-1A Straight Mute trumpet


Stomvi aluminium practice mute for piccolo trumpet 

Stomvi 9533 practice mute piccolo trumpet


Bremner Sshh practice mute in plastic for piccolo trumpet. 

Bremner Sshh Practice Mute piccolo trumpet


Model TPT-5. Jo-Ral straight mute for piccolo trumpet. Aluminium. 

Jo-Ral TPT-5 Straight Mute Piccolo trumpet


Bremner Sshh practice mute for trumpet. 

Bremner Sshh Practice Mute Trumpet


Model TPT-5C. Jo-Ral straight mute for piccolo trumpet in aluminium and copper 

Jo-Ral TPT-5C Straight Mute Copper Piccolo trumpet


Model TPT-5P. Brass Jo-Ral straight mute for piccolo trumpet 

Jo-Ral TPT-5B Straight Mute Brass piccolo trumpet


Denis Wick cup mute for D trumpet and soprano cornet. Model DW5537 

Denis Wick DW5537 cup mute D-trumpet and soprano cornet


Model 105. Humes & Berg plunger for trumpet. Model Glenn Miller Tuxedo 

Humes & Berg 105 Glenn Miller Tuxedo Plunger Trumpet


Model 103. Humes & Berg Cleartone (also known as Solo Tone) mute for trumpet. 

Humes & Berg 103 Cleartone Mute Trumpet


Model 112. Humes & Berg pixie straight mute for trumpet. 

Humes & Berg 112 Pixie Mute Trumpet


Stomvi practice mute for trumpet in aluminium. Very light model, takes up little space in your case. 

Stomvi 9505 Practice trumpet


Jo-Ral TPT-1P Practice Mute trumpet



Model DW5505B. Denis Wick straight mute in aluminum with a brass bottom. 

Denis Wick DW5504B Straight Mute brass trumpet


Straight mute from Tom Crown, model "Gemini". 

Tom Crown Gemini Straight Mute trumpet


Model DW5531. Denis Wick cup mute for trumpet. Adjustable cup. 

Suitable for Bb-trumpet and Bb-cornet.


Model 102. Humes & Berg cup mute for trumpet 

Humes & Berg 102 Cup Mute Trumpet


Made in Germany. Lightweight and very durable. Fits Bb/C trumpet and Bb cornet. 4mm cork (can be reduced) 

Voigt Straight mute trumpet


Jo-Ral straight mute in aluminium with brass bottom for trumpet. Model TPT-1B 

Jo-Ral TPT-1B Straight Mute Brass trumpet


Plays over the entire register at all dynamics with a true centered ringing tone. 

Wallace P2 Straight Mute


Model DW5504C. Denis Wick straight mute in aluminum with copper bottom. 

Denis Wick DW5504C Straight Mute Trumpet


Humes & Berg 113 Plunger Mute trumpet


Muirhead Wallace aluminum mute with copper base for trumpet.

The mute is easily blown with and sounds great in all registers.


Straight mute in aluminum with cobber bottom for soprano cornet.

Wallace 332 straight mute


Straight mutes make the instruments sound brighter and ads a nasal element to that sound. It is often used in orchestras, mainly by classical musicians and brass band musicians. 

Cup mutes are often used within the jazz genre. It is basically a straight mute with a collar. The collar adds a softer and more complete sound to the instrument, then the straight mute does. 

Bucket mutes are more or less a bucket full of cotton wool, or similar material, that is put in front of the bell to ensure a softer and more laid back sound. Is mainly used within the jazz genre. 

Harmon mutes (also known as "bubble mute" or "wah wah") is a mute similar to a straight mute in shape but with a hole, formed as a bubble at the bottom. It is typically made out of aluminum/cobber with cork around the neck to ensure that all air and sound comes out of the hole. The hole has a steam that can be adjusted to ensure the perfect sound. As an extra effect, one can put his/her hand in front of the hole add thereby create the "wah wah" sound. 

Plunger mutes is generally a tool used when playing big band music from the 1920s. When placing the plunger in front of the bell, one can create the "wah wah" effect just as a harmon mute can, but without the nasal sound.

Practice mutes are the tool you need if you want to practice almost silent. A practice mute is the shape as a straight mute but has closing cork or rubber around the neck to ensure that all are and sound goes inside the mute. This does produce more resistance with some practice mutes, which can affect intonation but also create a larger tone when playing without a practice mute.