MG Leather Work Plunger Trumpet

Genuine leather plunger with magnet for trumpet or cornet.

Made in Ukraine!

MG Leather Work Plunger Trumpet

Model: N905005

MG Leather Work Plunger Trumpet

Unlike the metal plunger mutes, this beautiful mute is actually convenient for traveling and concerts. You can take it wherever you go and practice everywhere, as the mute doesn’t add extra weight to your luggage or make a lot of noise when dropped.

  • Made of leather. The MG Leather Work trumpet mute can’t be broken or damaged, the leather stays strong and safe from any deformation. Don’t worry if you drop the mute – it will keep its characteristics.
  • Built-in magnet. This particular and practical feature allows sticking the plunger mute to the music stand and getting more freedom during the performance. Change the timbre in a second with a free hand, play with techniques, and completely focus on what you do.
  • Convenient and safe. You can keep it in the same suitcase compartment as your instrument with no risk to its surface.
  • Perfect choice for jazz and classical trumpeters. Turn the sound into the voice of your soul, fill the music with various emotions, and increase or shorten the distance between the plunger mute and the trumpet.

Made in Ukraine

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