Phil-Tone Novella alto sax

Phil-Tone Novella mouthpiece for alto sax. Inspired by the sought-after short-shank Selmer Soloist pieces. Tip opening: 0.076" / 1,93 mm.


Phil-Tone mouthpiece for alto saxophone

It sports a horseshoe chamber and a beautifully hand sculpted rollover baffle and an incredibly responsive facing.  The Novella was inspired by the music of Kenny Garrett and is an excellent choice for the player who wants the zip and pop of a great jazz alto piece along with the added focus made possible by this design

Tip opening:.076" / 1,93mm (like Meyer 6MM or Selmer D-E)

Here are the mouthpieces we recommend:

Intrepid for tenor sax: Reminds us of vintage Otto Link pieces from the 40's and 50's. Colorful and powerful, with warmth throughout the entire register.

Eclipse for tenor sax: A power-piece, that a lot of our funk/rock/blues players fall for. A lot of mouthpieces lose their core or focus if you push them too hard, but the Eclipse can take it.

Equinox for tenor sax: Think of this as an “Early Babbitt” but with more focus. This mouthpiece plays ‘dry’ with more sizzle and edge, but without sounding like a Guardala or Berg Larsen.

Rift for alto sax: This mouthpiece has more of a punch than the others, because of the double baffle. A lot of pieces like this become a bit too sharp, but the Rift gets the job done without compromising the warmth of the tone.

Solstice for alto sax: Reminds us a bit of vintage Meyer pieces, with a round chamber for plenty of warmth. We like this model because it can take a lot of air, and you can push it more than other mouthpieces. A very ‘West Coast’ sound.

Novella for alto sax: Reminds us of vintage Short Shank Selmer Soloist mouthpieces but with a bit more focus. Think Kenny Garrett.

Custom Meyer for alto sax: This is just a standard Meyer that we send to Phil, and he refaces. The result is still a Meyer, but a really, really good one.

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Super fedt mundstykke. Virkelig flot udført med perfekte side- og tiprails. Lige egnet til lead- og kammerjazz i lille gruppe. Det er et af de bedste mundstykker jeg har prøvet ( og jeg har i årenes løb prøvet MANGE). Som en extra bonus kan jeg nævne at det fuldstændig løser intonationsproblemer på mine forskellige vintage saxofoner.

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