MG Leather Work Valve Guard Trumpet

Genuine leather protection for valve case - made in Ukraine.

MG Leather Work Valve Guard Trumpet

MG Leather Work Valve Guard Trumpet
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MG Leather Work Valve Guard Trumpet
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MG Leather Work Valve Guard Trumpet

The trumpet valve guard is made of high-quality genuine leather, designed to protect the most important parts of your trumpet, influenced by sweat from hands and rubbing. It’s equipped with 2 additional petals to protect the 1st and the 3rd valves. The inner side is made of the mild material, which absorbs the moisture and keeps the finish in good condition. 

Product lifetime is up to 5-10 years, and it totally depends on how often and intensively this accessory is used. Consider that in some cases, with frequent use, this leather accessory wears out very quickly, that’s why some musicians need to change trumpet valve protectors every year. As soon as the leather looks worn out, replacing the old valve protector with the new one is better.

In order to extend the life of the musical instrument and keep its finish in excellent condition we recommend removing the valve protector after concerts and classes. It's necessary to let the valve guard dry and let the instrument breathe. If you keep it on your trumpet for a long time without letting it dry, the moisture accumulates in the protector and under it, which is bad for the trumpet.

This accessory can be used for instruments with all types of finish. If you use it with the raw brass and silver finish, please note that removing the valve protector after classes is important to make it easier to dry and prevent the oxidation of the finish because of the absorbed moisture.


Made in Ukraine


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