Yamaha YFL-262 Flute

Yamaha YFL-262 flute with open holes
Headjoint: Silver plated 
Body: Silver plated
Mechanics: Ring buttons, offset G, without E-mechanism

Model: B40230

Yamaha YFL-262 Flute

Yamaha's flutes in the 200 series are developed for beginners. The idea behind the instruments in this series is to offer an easy-to-play instrument at a reasonable price.

The headjoint in silver-plated nickel silver with an undercut (CY cut), makes it easier to articulate, gives quick response, and is easy to intonate. It is a really nice mouthpiece to start with as it has been developed with the idea that it should be easy to produce a beautiful tone on it.

The body in silver-plated nickel silver with ring keys has "french pointed key arms" - a beautiful detail that is most often seen on professional flutes, which Yamaha has chosen to make on their school flutes.

The materials used in the 200 series are durable and can withstand rougher handling than the more expensive flutes in finer materials. The flutes in the 200 series are adjusted and tested by Yamaha as well as reviewed in our workshop.

The YFL-262 has open hole keys, which can help the beginner to get a more appropriate hand position and a freer technique. Offset-G reduces the twist in the left wrist and makes it easier for smaller hands to reach the g and g-sharp keys. (Plugs included to cover some of the open holes if needed.)

This model does not have e-mechanism, which makes it easier to play e in the third octave. Most flutes made today are designed so that e-mechanism is not a must. If you are in doubt as to whether you need e-mechanism or not, our advice is to test play the same model with and without e-mechanism to feel the difference.

  • Model YFL-262
  • Open hole keys
  • Offset G
  • C foot
  • Without e-mechanism
  • Cleaning cloth and cleaning accessories as well as the case are included
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