Yamaha YFL-212 Flute

Yamaha YFL-212 Flute

A high-quality flute that is very popular amongst beginners and music schools, maybe because is it so easy to play.

Headjoint: Silver plated (CY cut)
Body: Silver plated
Mechanism: Closed holes, e-mechanism, offset g, c-foot

You save: 1.446,00
Model: YFL-212

Yamaha YFL-212 Flute

This is an upgraded and improved version of our best selling flute ever. Before this model was released in 2016, it was known as YFL-211, and was the preferred choice for beginners and schools. Based on more than 35 years of Development, this is without a doubt the best beginner flute produced in the world. It is designed to be easy to play, is highly resilient, and has great intonation.

The flute comes with a case, case cover, cleaning supplies, and 12 months unlimited access to our workshop for adjustments. Before shipping every flute, it is set up and tested by our technicians, to ensure that the instrument you're getting is the highest quality.

TIP: Upgrade this flute with a Sterling Silver head joint, to make it a YFL-311 at a reduced price!

If you're comparing this flute to the old 211, here are the main differences:

  • Pointed Key Arms: Otherwise known as 'French' pointed key arms the new YFL-212 now features the same key mechanism design as some of the more expensive Yamaha models. The addition of the pointed key arm makes these keys more sturdy and even in how the pad underneath closes. This means the flute can play more easily and that pad wear is more evenly spread and reduced.
  • New Pad Cup Shaping: After much research and testing Yamaha has applied new shaping to the pad cup touch pieces, ie where you rest your fingers on the keys. The new shaping feels more comfortable and natural under the fingers.
  • New Optimised Pads: The quality of all the materials on these flutes is exceptional and now even the pads have been optimized to give longer life and a more even seal over the tone holes making the flute super efficient and easy to play.
  • Hard Carrying Case: Commonly the Yamaha YFL-212 user will be a new player, sometimes this will be a youngster and so Yamaha has introduced a new hard carrying case with handle for this beginner flute to keep it safe and protected.
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