Eppelsheim Contrabass Clarinet

Contrabass clarinet in Germany. Delivery times may vary.
Range C3 – E6
3 automatic register keys and Bb mechanism
Inkluderer mundstykke og etui

Call for price
3311 1047

  • Range C 3 – E 6, sounding Bb0 – D 4
  • French fingering
  • 3 automatic register keys and Bb mechanism
  • 32mm bore
  • large tone holes for a free response and a large dynamic range
  • hydraulically formed neck and bows for exact intonation
  • takes any contrabass clarinet mouthpiece
  • reasonable overall height (119 cm = 47 inches)
  • same fingering positions as on modern bass clarinets
  • German fingering available on request
  • adjustable floor peg
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