Selmer Supreme Alto sax

Selmer Supreme Alto sax is now on the market. The Supreme is the result of 8 years of development with the goal in mind to create the best saxophone in the world.

Model: D30360

Selmer Supreme Alto sax

From an acoustic point of view, the Supreme has something new to offer. The sound is dark and soft with a clear core and the sound is designed to fit many different styles of music. 

The scale is improved and has become more even. This is achieved by moving the tone holes a tiny bit and adjusting the diameter of some of them. These small changes have improved especially the left-hand intonation, which can have a tendency to be low on certain models. 

If you look at the design, you will find a new neck and neck receiver on the Supreme. One detail that deserves extra credit is the new c-sharp correction mechanism, the improvement of which has led to better intonation and sound on the middle and high c sharp. The metal thumb rest is another luxurious detail that fits the instrument very well. Some of the keys were reshaped for better ergonomics. In this term, it is worth mentioning the right-hand side keys, which are more rounded and very easy to navigate. In general, it seems that the key height has been reduced slightly, which requires less movement from the player and thus allows her/him to navigate even more smoothly around the horn.

Aesthetically the Supreme unites the traditional with the modern. this is especially clear in the engravings, which is a traditional floral motif combined with flowing cubes, symbolizing the metal molecules of the brass. There is not much space on the saxophone without engravings: on the backside of the horn and on all small surfaces the engraving is delicately fitted in. Looking at the keyguards you will find that they are redesigned into very nicely rounded shapes that suit the horn perfectly well.

The Supreme is available in five different finishes. For the gold lacquered model, Selmer has used a slightly darker lacquer, not as dark as the Reference 54, but a darker color than we usually see.

The Supreme comes in a beautiful dark blue hard case, which is produced in cooperation with the French brand BAM. Cleaning cloths and cork grease nicely decorated with the motif from the engraving is included as well as a Concept mouthpiece with Selmer cap and ligature.

Technical details:

  • Tuned in Eb
  • Leather pads with metal resonators
  • Finish: dark gold lacquer
  • Range: low Bb to high F#
  • Metal thumb rest

This is included:

  • Concept alto mouthpiece
  • Supreme case
  • Supreme neck strap
  • Silk/microfibre cloth
  • Cleaning cloth (one for the body and one for the neck)
  • Selmer cork grease
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