Yamaha YBB-632S NEO Bb tuba

Professional brass band Bb bass from Yamaha

Material: Silver plated brass
Bell: 500 mm

Yamaha YBB-632S NEO


Yamaha YBB-632S NEO Bb tuba

YBB-632S has a rich and rich sound and thus forms the perfect sound base and a stable foundation for the band. Yamaha YBB-632S NEO has been designed in collaboration with Simon Gresswell as a truly top-class brass band instrument.

  • Large bell diameter (Ø = 50 cm)
  • The bore allows free blowing with moderate resistance
  • The position of the valves is corrected for optimal freedom in the fingers, which makes it easier to play fast passages.
  • The hand support design (semi-circular) has been improved and enables a more flexible hand position
  • Comes in a hard case with Yamaha mouthpiece model BB-66D4


Key B flat
Body Yellow brass
Bell diameter 500 mm
Finish Silver plated
Bore 18,5-20 mm (0,728-0,787”)
Height 1048 mm
Valves 3 top + 1 side, compensation
Mouthpiece BB-66D4
Case Hardcase included

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I have played this tuba for a few years and I have loved it, its sound is amazing both in the high register and in the deep aswell. I only issue I have it is very hard to stay in tune, and it will tune a lot lower, so if you tune to 442 you will need to bend it higher but if you tune to 440 you will be fine.

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