Yamaha YTR-9335CHS 05 Bb trumpet

Professional trumpet in the XENO Artist series. Fifth-generation of this successful model. 

Yamaha YTR-9335CHS 05 Bb trumpet

Model: H404500

Yamaha YTR-9335CHS 05 Bb trumpet

Yamaha Xeno Artist "Chicago" Bb trumpet YTR9335CHS-05 is an instrument in the absolute top class among trumpets on the market. The new model 05 from 2019 is the result of a refined development process, which, based on studies of vintage trumpets, has made the popular model even better than its predecessor 04, on a number of points, which we have described below.

Consideration for details that were not previously considered important, combined with incomparable quality craftsmanship has brought Yamaha's trumpets to the top of the market.

  • Professional Yamaha Bb trumpet 
  • Model Artist YTR-9335CHS
  • Bore: Medium/Large 11,65mm (.459") 
  • Bell: 123mm (47/8")
  • Heavyweight model
  • MB1 Malone leadpipe 
  • Silver-plated


New valve case: Changed material thickness and size in parts of the valve case, together with the lightweight valve, clearly increase detail clarity.

New tuning slide: The tuning slide is "square" in its design, giving it a very traditional look. Together with the new water key cork, the design gives increased control of the instrument.

New water key cork: A blend of cork chunks and synthetic rubber material gives the new water key cork greater durability and gives the instrument, along with the new voice bar, increased sonic qualities.

Bell: The bell's design with the "square" curvature of the bow gives the instrument a strong center tone in the notes of the high register. When designing the edge of the bell the flat look "French beed" is still used. This means that the ring around which the outer part of the bell is bent is oval.

Leadpipe: American Bob Malone has been associated with Yamaha's team of developers since 2001. The combination of the Malone Pipe model MB1, a lighter receiver, and the non-soldered little finger hook provides increased control and feel of the instrument. 

Water key: In addition to the new water key cork, the water keys of the trumpets are equipped with an arm and holder, that with their very special weight distribution and the long studs increase the mastery of the instrument's high register.

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