IKGOS Bb Trumpet

Bore: Medium-large
Leadpipe: #7 Mt. Vernon
Tuning slide: Bach trad. square 

IKGOS Bb Trumpet

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IKGOS Bb Trumpet

i.K.Gottfried has been producing trumpets since 1796, with only a short break between 1944 and 2017. Our trumpets are based on traditional building trumpets and are therefore not meant to reinvent the trumpet. That is probably also the reason why our trumpets are being described as good examples of Vincent Bach trumpets from the 1950'. 

The world has gotten smaller since 1796, which means that there are much better opportunities to cooperate with the best instrument technicians in each section of building a trumpet. The trumpet is based on Bach's Mt. Vernon model with a leadpipe model #7. At first, the tube is drawn at M/K Drawing and Bending in Wisconsin. It is then finished at Charlie Melk in Georgia (Who is known for his leadpipes worldwide). We love this leadpipe, but has a wide range of different leadpipes in stock that you can come and test. 

The valve system is made by J. Meinlschmidt in Germany and consists of a two-piece, medium-large bore system. The manufacturer has made valve systems since 1896 and is to this day known for its quality in special and custom instruments. 

The tuning slide is being produced by M/K Drawing and is a replica of the traditional, square Bach tuning slide. If you are not as conservative as us, you can choose a round or half-round tuning slide in both brass and Sterling silver. 

The bell is a replica of Bach New York bells from the 1950'. It has a traditional French rim (the end of the bell) and is bent from one piece of brass. this is not an easy way to produce bells, why most manufacturers have stopped doing it. But at Bernd Sandner in Germany, this is the only right way to produce a bell. You can choose either a fat or thin rim for your instrument. 

The finish is raw brass, but silver-plated and gold-plated is an option too. It is done by Müller Lack in Baiersdorf, Germany.

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