Bach Stradivarius 50AF3 Bass Trombone

Professional bass trombone with two Infinity Axial Flow valves. 

Bell: 9½" yellow brass. 
Bore: .562" large. 

Bach Stradivarius 50AF3 Bass trombone

Model: J50500

Bach Stradivarius 50AF3 Bass trombone

Professional bass trombone from Vincent Bach, model 50 with Infinity Axial Flow valve section. This instrument is meant for the professional musician who wants a high-quality bass trombone. Model 50AF3 is in-line which means that the Bb/F valve doesn't have to be activated for the Bb/Gb valve to be used.

Bell: 9½" yellow brass
Bore: .562" large
Valve system: In-line Infinity Axial Flow
Slide: Nickel silver and yellow brass

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