Yamaha YRS-402B Recorder Soprano

Three part Yamaha soprano recorder, model YRS-402B

Level: Beginner 
Material: "Ecodear"
Fingering: Baroque

Yamaha YRS-402B Recorder Soprano


Model: A40250

Yamaha YRS-402B Recorder Soprano

Through the last couple of years, our plastic recorders have become more and more popular. Needless to say, they don't feel like wooden instruments, but the manufacturers have become so good at making plastic recorders that today they sound and play very similar to wooden recorders. The natural next step (no pun intended) is to look at the production of the instruments, and this is just what Yamaha has done with this new series of environmentally friendly recorders.

Includes fabric bag

Using the new material "Ecodear", Yamaha has reduced CO2 emissions in production by a staggering 20%. Additionally, "Ecodear" is a plant-based resin, which is denser than standard ABS plastic. This gives the recorders a richer tone quality than comparable instruments.


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