Moeck Rottenburgh soprano recorder

Three-piece Moeck soprano recorder in a selection of woods, Rottenburgh series
Level: Professional
Material: Choose between different types of wood
Fingering: Baroque

Maple Pearwood Stained Pearwood Boxwood Palisander Olive Grenadilla Rosewood
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Model: A12229B

Moeck soprano recorder made in a range of different woods. The design of the Rottenburgh series is developed by Friedrich von Huene and based on original instruments made by Jean-Hyacinth-Joseph Rottenburgh. The Rottenburgh series covers the entire range of recorders from sopranino to bass and is widely renowned for their superior quality. 

All recorders are delivered with a hard case, cork grease, and cleaning rod. The maple- and pearwood recorders are treated with paraffin and require less treatment. The rest of the recorders are delivered with a maintenance kit, which includes oil, anti-condensation and various brushes.

  • Maple (Austria): 0,63 g/cm3. Stable, consistent wood with a flexible, warm and balanced timbre.
  • Pear (Austria): 0,65 g/cm3. Very similar to maple with a slightly more centered tone.
  • Boxwood (India and South America): 0,80 g/cm3. A hard sort of wood with average density. Warm and full timbre with a lot of center.
  • Olivewood (Southwest Europe and Marocco): Hardwood with a higher density. Similar to boxwood, but more articulated.
  • Rosewood (Brazil): 1,0 g/m3. Very hard type of wood. Warm timbre with great resonance.
  • Palisander (Belize and Guatemala): 1,05 g/m3. Hardwood with high density. Rich in overtones with a clear and brilliant timbre.
  • Grenadilla (Zimbabwe, Togo, and Senegal): 1,20 g/m3. The hardest, darkest and heaviest of the woods. A compact, elegant and very clear tone.
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