Yamaha trombone mouthpiece - large shank

Yamaha bass trombone mouthpiece. Silver plated. Large shank

47 48 48D 51B 51C4 51 51D 52 53 54 55
Model nr. 

Approximate corresponding sizes

47 Bach 6 3/4C, Schilke 47
48 Bach 6 1/2AL, Denis Wick 6BL
48D Bach 6 1/2AL rim, deeper cup
51B Bach 5G, shallow cup, Schilke 51B
51C4 Bach 5G, slighty shallow cup
51 Bach 5G
51D Bach 5G, deeper cup
52 Mellem Bach 5G & 3G
53 Bach 3G, Denis Wick 4AL
54 Bach 3G, større diameter
55 Bach 2G, mindre diameter
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