Vandoren V16 T7 tenor sax

Vandoren V16 T7 ebonite mouthpiece for tenor saxophone. A good compromise between easy sound production and timbre.

Model: M107320

Vandoren V16 ebonite mouthpiece for tenor saxophone

A versatile and accessible from Vandoren. A mouthpiece that has a lot to offer for all saxophonists, whether you're a beginner or a professional.
The standard V16 mouthpiece has a medium size chamber. The mouthpieces that end with an L has large chambers, and are suitable for the player seeking a more vintage sound.

Model Tip opening (1/100 mm) Facing Recommended reed strength (Vandoren trad.)
T6 & T6L 250 L 2½-3
T7 & T7L 270 L 2½-3
T8 280 L 2½-3
T8,5L 288 L 2-2½
T9 & T9L 294 ML 2-2½
T10 305 ML 1½-2½
T11 340 L 1½-2½

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