Selmer Soloist alto sax mouthpiece

Selmer Soloist mouthpiece for alto saxophone

C* C** D E F G
Model: M206310

Another mouthpiece inspired by the classics from the 1950's. With a warm and complex sound, this mouthpiece has a lot to offer and is easy to work with. The tone is centered and homogenous across the registers. 
Oliver Nelson played Selmer Soloist on both alto and tenor, and John Coltrane could also be spotted with an ebonite Soloist on tenor and soprano. 

Model Opening (1/100 mm) Facing
Soloist C* 155 24 mm
Soloist C** 165 24 mm
Soloist D 175 24 mm
Soloist E 185 24 mm
Soloist F 195 24 mm
Soloist G 205 24 mm
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