Phil-Tone Sapphire Soprano sax

Meet the first in the line of Phil-Tone Soprano mouthpieces. It has excellent focus and a core that keeps you coming back.

Phil-Tone Sapphire Soprano sax

6 6*

Phil-Tone Sapphire Soprano sax

The Sapphire is the small brother of the extremely popular Sapphire Tenor piece.  

It has concave sidewalls, an enlarged oval chamber opening into the bore, and an undercut table to add depth. It boasts what few soprano pieces possess: 

  • Ease of intonation
  • Control
  • A soprano sound that is not abusive and abrasive to the ears.  

Like all Phil-Tone pieces, each is made by Phil to meticulous standards.  Each piece is also play-tested for response and musical quality prior to leaving the shop.  Do yourself a favor, and play a Sapphire.  If you double or play soprano full time you will find it a joy and a worthy addition to your setup.

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