Phil-Tone Rift alto sax

Phil-Tone Rift alto sax mouthpiece, handmade by Phil Engleman. Tip opening: 0.081" / 2,06mm (Like Meyer 7MM)


Phil-Tone Rift alto sax

The Rift sounds as unique as it looks.  Its dual baffle system offers power with warmth.  It is far from just another baffled mouthpiece.  It consistently delivers versatility and has a unique character that allows the player to shape the tone.

"The mouthpiece just smoked for me with that very first reed.  It had that combination of bright power and edge with a very fat tone.   I always think of Cannonball when I get into a description of tone like this.  When you listen to his recordings,  he had an incredible balance of brightness and edge with a big fat full sound.   This is how I felt about the Rift!

The other element of sound that I really loved about the Rift is the smoothness and evenness of the notes. Fast runs and lines are as smooth as butter on the Rift.  A lot is said about how effectively a player can communicate with a mouthpiece,  how well he can reproduce what he imagines as he plays his horn.  For me, the Rift has that quality and connection.  I really felt that as I played it that I could play almost anything I imagined as I was improvising. That’s an amazing feeling to have."

- Steve Neff

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