Phil-Tone Custom Meyer alto sax

Phil-Tone Custom Meyer alto sax. The Phil-Tone Meyer has become a mainstay of the Phil-Tone line. It offers the vibe and feel of vintage models.


Phil-Tone Custom Meyer mouthpiece for alto sax

The Meyer and Meyer Brothers Alto saxophone mouthpiece has been the mainstay of Alto Players for over half a century. For years these were carefully hand faced.  Unfortunately, current production models lack the precision and attention given to those of past legend. The Phil-Tone Meyer is a corrected and customized version of the current Babbitt Meyer.  The table is flattened, the throat is slightly enlarged, and a proper facing is applied for ease of play and rapid response. The result is a classic mouthpiece with a rich tonal palette that is never shrill or thin. Expect deeper lows, a strong midrange, and highs that project with clarity and resonance. If you are seeking that Meyer Bros or NY vibe look no further. Tip opening: .076" / 1,93mm (Like Meyer #6M).

I have repeatedly played these pieces back to back with absurdly priced NY Meyers and they stack up every time in both playing experience and in the ears of critical listeners.  There are slight differences but certainly not a three hundred, five hundred, or thousand dollar difference.  Don’t get caught up in the vintage hype, there is another way.


“Just wanted to say that your Customized Meyer is the best alto piece I’ve played. I’ve been using it as my main alto mouthpiece now for at least three months. It’s the perfect balance for me. I can play lead or section work. It screams on pop stuff if I want it to, but because of its solid core, I can go for a darker tone when needed. It responds quickly and easily and has that Meyer “charm” to it. I highly recommend this mouthpiece to anyone who is looking for that classic Meyer tone but with a more effortless playing experience. I am currently recommending this mouthpiece to all of my students.”

— Tommy Poole, Director of Jazz Studies Oklahoma State University

About Phil-Tone Mouthpieces

Phil Engleman is one of our favorite mouthpiece makers. What began as a personal quest for the right setup has grown into a business serving musicians around the globe. Every mouthpiece is crafted by hand, and balanced, adjusted, and extensively play tested in order to provide optimal performance.

Here are the mouthpieces we recommend:

Intrepid for tenor sax: Reminds us of vintage Otto Link pieces from the 40's and 50's. Colorful and powerful, with warmth throughout the entire register.

Eclipse for tenor sax: A power-piece, that a lot of our funk/rock/blues players fall for. A lot of mouthpieces lose their core or focus if you push them too hard, but the Eclipse can take it.

Equinox for tenor sax: Think of this as an “Early Babbitt” but with more focus. This mouthpiece plays ‘dry’ with more sizzle and edge, but without sounding like a Guardala or Berg Larsen.

Rift for alto sax: This mouthpiece has more of a punch than the others, because of the double baffle. A lot of pieces like this become a bit too sharp, but the Rift gets the job done without compromising the warmth of the tone.

Solstice for alto sax: Reminds us a bit of vintage Meyer pieces, with a round chamber for plenty of warmth. We like this model because it can take a lot of air, and you can push it more than other mouthpieces. A very ‘West Coast’ sound.

Novella for alto sax: Reminds us of vintage Short Shank Selmer Soloist mouthpieces but with a bit more focus. Think Kenny Garrett.

Custom Meyer for alto sax: This is just a standard Meyer that we send to Phil, and he refaces. The result is still a Meyer, but a really, really good one.

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