Pomarico Classic Crystal Bb clarinet mouthpiece

A mouthpiece for clarinet of the finest crystal, beautiful to listen to and to watch. Available with 4 different openings.

Ruby = Medium Saphire = Open Diamond = Open+ Nigun = closed

Pomarico Classic Crystal Mouthpiece Bb Clarinet

There is nothing new about crystal mouthpieces for the clarinet, but admit it, they are quite spectacular. 

The material is particularly suitable for mouthpieces. The sound is clear and resilient, it is easily blown and intonation and articulation are formed as the musician desire. The sound projects nicely.

Pomarico Classic Crystal mouthpieces come with 4 different openings:

  • Nigun = closed
    • Ideal for classical and symphonic music.
  • Ruby = medium
    • All-round opening with a deliciously dark tone.
  • Sapphire = open
    • Perfect for beginners, the opening is easy to control for most players.
  • Diamond = open+
    • Specially developed for softer reeds, without compromising sound.
Model: Opening: Recommended reed strength:
Nigun 1,07 mm 3 - 4
Ruby 1,09 mm 3 - 4
Sapphire 1,15 mm 2½ - 3½
Diamond 1,25 mm 2½ - 3½


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