Clarimate clarinet mute

Electronic mute for clarinet allows you to practice silently anywhere at any time.

Clarimate clarinet mute


Clarimate clarinet mute

Clarimate from Buffet Crampon is an electronic mute for clarinet and your chance to explore a whole new world of music-making.

In just a few seconds, you can switch from analog clarinet to digital and begin your electronic clarinet journey.

The Clarimate is perfect for practicing finger technique, without disturbing your surroundings. Or why not create your own electronic music?


  • Clarimate allows you to turn your clarinet into an electronic wind instrument. 
  • Fits any Bb or A clarinet.
  • High-quality breath sensor with realistic clarinet settings.
  • Lithium-ion battery for up to 4 hours battery life. 
  • USB-C port for connecting to a computer, charging, MIDI, and software updates. 
  • Bluetooth included for a seamless play-along experience and changing settings through your phone. 
  • Realistic reed positioning similar to the acoustic clarinet embouchure.
  • Headphone/line output through ⅛" port. 
  • Bag included.
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