BG LD0 DUO ligature alto sax/clarinet

BG DUO ligature for hard rubber mouthpieces. Shaped in to avoid contact with the mouthpiece, to ensure a free and open sound.

Model LD0

Model: M30260

The idea behind the DUO ligature is to give the mouthpiece and the reed the best terms to vibrate as much as possible. This is being done through reducing the ligatures contact surface to an absolute minimum. When the DUE ligature is mounted, it looks like its floating a couple of millimeters around the mouthpiece, while it is only a few selected points that touch the mouthpiece. It is not the first time that this kind of principle has been produced, but the result has often been a fragile ligature. The DUO ligature is VERY robust and durable. 

Many saxophonists find this concept to give them a more free and open sound. Model LD0 fits most hard rubber mouthpieces for alto sax and clarinet. Including a plastic cap.        


  • Alto sax 
  • Clarinet
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