Lee Oskar Harmonica Major Diatonic

Major Diatonic is a standard blues harmonica and the obvious choice for you, who wants to play blues, country, rock, pop, and folk music.

Lee Oskar Harmonica Major Diatonic


Lee Oskar Harmonica Major Diatonic

Quality blues harps from Japanese Tombo.
We have chosen to carry the traditional blues harp "Lee Oskar". Lee Oskar was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1948, moved to the USA, and began his career as a musician and harmonica maker. 

  • 10 holes
  • Major diatonic in different keys
  • Including practical hard case

Which key should you choose?

Since the harmonica can only play in one key, it's quite common to have several different instruments so you can play in several different keys. If you're a beginner buying your first harmonica, we recommend you start with the following keys, depending on the genre you want to play:

  • Folk music: Start with harmonica in D or G (suitable for music in G, D, or A major)
  • Blues with piano: Start with harmonica in F (suitable for blues in C)
  • Blues with guitar: Start with harmonica in D or A (Suitable for blues in E or A major)
Melody key:   Harmonica key:
Ab melody use > Db harmonica
A > D
Bb > Eb
B > E
C > F
Db > F#
D > G
Eb > Ab
E > A
F > Bb
F# > B
G > C


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