Powell Handmade Custom 14K Aurumite flute #9697 (pre-owned)

Powell Handmade Custom 14K Aurumite flute #9697 (pre-owned).

Overhauled with Straubinger pads.


Powell Handmade Custom 14K Aurumite Flute

This is a professional flute from 1996. 

The flute has been carefully overhauled and is in perfect condition. 

  • Aurumite14k with silver keys
  • Soldered tone holes
  • .014" tubing
  • Modern Powell Scale (A-442)
  • French cups
  • B foot with  gizmo
  • Offset G
  • Built year 1996
  • Serial number 9697

What is Aurumite?

Aurumite is a flute-tube where 14k rose gold is placed on the inside of a sterling silver tube and fused together.

The sound quality of Aurumite has much of the gold darkness, while the resonance and projection from the sterling silver is preserved.

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