Yamaha YFL-372H flute

Yamaha YFL-372H flute.

Material: Headjoint in sterling silver
Keywork: Openhole keys, off-set G, split E
Footjoint: B-foot
Level: intermediate

Model: B40315

Yamaha YFL-372H flute

This is a really popular model from Yamaha. This model has all the features the intermediate flutist could wish for.

  • Headjoint in sterling silver: Has a rich tone and allows you to take the work of tone formation to the next level.
  • B-foot: This allows you to play the b in the small octave, ie half a note lower than on a c-foot flute. Some find that the b-foot provides a better balance in the instrument and makes it easier to intonate in the third octave.
  • Open holes: Helps to achieve an optimal finger position because the holes must be covered for the flute to sound properly.
  • E-split mechanism: An extra mechanical part, which makes it easier to achieve a beautiful and full sound on the third-octave e.
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