Yamaha YFL-272 flute

Yamaha YFL-272 flute with open holes

Headjoint: Silver plated
Body: Silver plated
Keywork: Ring keys. Off-set G, E-mechanism, C-foot

Includes case, case cover, and cleaning accessories

Model: B40240

Yamaha YFL-272 flute

This flute is a variation of Yamaha's best selling beginner's flute. The 200-series, to which this model belongs, are in our opinion, the best student flutes on the market. We base this on the timbre, intonation, and ergonomics of the flute. It's easy to play and sounds amazingly well. This flute is very dependable and will last for many years with proper care.


Open or closed keys?

This flute is made with open hole keys. The open holes provide a better feel with the instrument, as you can feel the flow of air on your fingertips. It also ensures that you place your fingers correctly, which can reduce tensions in your hands. If you're not used to playing with ring keys, it can be difficult at first. It's usually a quick adjust, but to make it easy, the flute is delivered with a set of plastic plugs, that can be removed when you've adjusted to the open holes.

Opgradér til sølv

TIP: You can upgrade to a Yamaha head joint in Sterlingsølv, and get a YFL-372 for less than regular price!

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