Yamaha YFL-212U flute

Yamaha YFL-212U flute. Beginners flute with curved headjoint.

Material: Silver-plated.
Keywork: Silver-plated, closed cups, C-foot, and split E.

Model: B40220

Yamaha YFL-212U flute

The beginner's flute YFL-212U from Yamaha comes with two headjoints in a special case, with space for both. This model has off-set G that makes it easier to reach the key with the left ring finger and it has split E, which makes it easier to reach the third octave E.

There are many things to keep track of being young and learning to play the flute, it is challenging to reach all the keys. The curved headjoint is popular for children as it significantly shortens the distance to the keys and makes it easier to reach all the way to the low C.

With the curved headjoint, you make the beginning of the flute playing easier for children. When the arms are long enough, you simply switch to the straight headjoint. So this is a flute that lasts for many years.

One of the reasons why Yamaha's beginner flutes are so popular is (according to Yamaha's own statement) the design of the lip plate. The dimensions of the hole in the CY headjoint are developed so that the air column is easily directed with a clear and full-sounding tone as the result.

We who are selling the flutes are very pleased with the quality of all parts, from pads and mechanical parts, which are durable and easy to replace when needed, and for alloy and overall design.

Here's what you get:

  • Two headjoints, one straight and one curved
  • Case and cover with space for both headjoints
  • Cleaning accessories
  • One free service check in our workshop within 6 months from the date of purchase
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