Earpeace ear plugs

Earpeace ear plugs are perfect for concerts, festivals, nightclubs, and even in the cinema. 3 filters included.

Model: Y20100

Earpeace Ear Plugs

The best earplugs on the market.

The earplugs work by using a filter that will lower the volume without compromising the sound quality. The sound is clear and crisp, not like you know it from cheap earplugs. The filter spares your ears from the "dangerous" frequences, so You can easily conversate while wearing the earplugs. The earplugs are discreet in the design so you won't look like a clown with colorful things sticking out of your ears. They are comfortable to wear and you could easily sleep with them. 

  • Ear Peace comes in a cylindric aluminum case that can be used as a keychain. 
  • You get 3 filters, so you can adjust the earplugs to the intimate jazz concert or to CopenHell. (Noice reducing rating; 19, 14, or 11 decibels)
  • Because you easily lose 1 earplug, you get 3 in this set, so it will last a bit longer.


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