FlowPartner Alu Embouchure trainer

FlowPartner Alu Embouchure trainer helps with airflow, stamina, register, developing the embouchure and more features. Available in 2 sizes, choose the size that fits your mouthpiece.

Small Medium

FlowPartner Alu Embouchure trainer

The FlowPartner is a simple and effective tool for training and developing the embouchure for brass players. You simply place your mouthpiece in the FlowPartner and start buzzing. In the opposite end of the flowpartner, you can adjust the resistance by rotating the end piece. In this way, you can change the resistance to fit the register you wish to train by buzzing. 

  • Local production at Frekhaug outside Bergen in Norway 
  • Made in Aluminium 
  • Gives more vibrations and gives the authentic feel of playing an instrument.
  • The unique combination of an internal conical shape and a rotating end piece it controls the airflow to achieve balanced resistance in all different registers.
  • It gives you a natural position of the embouchure as if playing the instrument.
  • Flowpartner is portable so it`s easy to take along everywhere you can't bring your instrument.
  • Portable and very light in weight so it can easily fit in your pocket.
  • Convenient for a quick and effective warm-up.
  • Suited for breathing exercises with different resistances by rotating the end piece. Use without a mouthpiece and develop your air and breath skills.
  • Suits professional musicians, music teachers, and any students.
Instrument Flowpartner - size
Hunting horn/ French horn/Cornet/Flugelhorn Small
Trumpet/ Tenorhorn/Trombone small shank/ Baritone /Euphonium small shank Medium
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