Buffet S1 pair of Clarinets pre-owned

Level: Professional. 
Material: Grenadilla. 
Keywork: Silver-plated, 17/6. 
Pads: Cork and leather. 

Serial no: Bb: F152728 - A: F156409. 
Year: 1975.

Buffet S1 pair of Clarinets pre-owned


Buffet S1 pair of Clarinets pre-owned

Buffet Crampons model S1 is developed based on the model R13, which was and still is a very popular clarinet in the American market. The S1 clarinet was designed to appeal to European musicians, as it did. Small changes in the bore and less undercutting of the tone holes are some of the details that have helped to improve in the direction of the more focused and darker sound.

World-renowned clarinetist Mitchell Lurie played on a set of S1 clarinets in the 1970s when the model was new to the market. (see the video in the photo line-up for sound examples)

Technical specifications:

  • Professional Bb- and A-clarinet
  • Grenadilla body
  • Silver-plated mechanics
  • Leather- and cork pads
  • Serial no. F152728 and F156409
  • Made in 1975
  • Overhauled and ready for use

This is included:

  • Vandoren mouthpiece 5RV (used)
  • Vandoren Chrystal mouthpiece A1
  • Yamaha double case (used)
  • Cap and ligature in plastic (used)
  • Cap and ligature from Buffet (used)
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