Selmer Mark VI alto sax #74651

Pre-owned Mark VI alto saxophone with dark British lacquer. The saxophone has been overhauled in our workshop.

Selmer Mark VI alto sax #74651


Selmer Mark VI alto sax #74651

Pre-owned Mark VI alto saxophone with dark British lacquer. The saxophone has been overhauled in our workshop.

  • Without mouthpiece
  • Original case included (We recommend a newer case for safe transportation of the instrument!)
  • Completely overhauled in our workshop
  • Serial no. 74651

Mark VI

The model is one of Selmer's most popular and sought-after among professional saxophonists and collectors worldwide. The Mark VI saxophones were produced from 1954 to 1981, however, tenor and alto saxophones were only until 1974, when the model was replaced by Mark VII. Soprano, soprano, baritone, and bass saxophones in the MK VI model were produced right up to 1981.

The saxophone parts were produced in France and distributed to various markets (England / Canada, France, and the USA) to be assembled into finished instruments. The engraving on the individual saxophone (bell) indicates which country they are finally assembled into.


French Mark VI: The engraving often depicts a butterfly often with hints of floral patterns and the motif often continues down the arch. Some French Mark VIs have no engraving beyond the Selmer brand. The French Mark VI's have often nickeled or silvered mechanics and varnished bodies.

English / Canadian Mark VI: The motive is often a medallion engraved on the front of the sound piece and a pattern inspired by the shellfish "Nautilus" on the side.

American Mark VI: Often has flower patterns engraved and only the earliest models all the way down the bottom arch.

The evolution of the design

Early copies have a darker sound and later typically a lighter one. The bore taper, bottom arch, neck, and some mechanical details were re-designed throughout the production period, but Selmer did not log the changes. The length of the arc was extended on the alto saxophones with serial numbers 85000 onwards, to improve intonation. Later, they went back to the shorter arc and experimented with soldering baffles in the arc to solve the intonation problems. On the tenor saxophones, the design of the neck changed three times during the 1950s and 1960s and again once in the 1970s.

Is there a difference between Mark VI and Mark VI?

During the production period, Mark VI became more and more popular and therefore production increased. This may have led to a change in production, which may have an impact on the five-digit serial numbers today being slightly more in demand than the later six-digit serial numbers.
Many stories of Mark VI saxophones abound. Among many stories during the period when most Mark VI saxophones were produced, the instruments were divided into quality categories before being released on the market.
From our side of the counter, it is always a pleasure to experience the diversity of saxophonists' choice of "the best saxophone". It is rarely the same instrument that is either selected as a favorite since both sound and feel are not the same from musician to musician.

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